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Online System For Hire Firm

Tuesday, Jul 16 2019, 07:10PM


Specialist Hire firm reaps the benefits of the Online Reporting System. With multi site and multi user access, giving managers time to get on with their job.

Near Miss Reports

Tuesday, Jul 16 2019, 07:10PM

Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur which may impact on others. Read on to see how the leading international producer of Convenience Foods utilises this effective, low-cost solution to ‘getting the message across’.


Exhibition News - Southern Manufacturing

Tuesday, Jul 16 2019, 07:10PM

Farnborough Airport  from Tuesday 5th February till Thursday 7th

The successful T Cards Online system which enables users to manage workflow in real time using the simple drag-and-drop technique, moving cards around the ‘online board’ to reflect current status, will be on display at Southern Manufacturing stand P140.


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