Dartford based Colorcon® serves manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the areas of modified release technologies, excipients and film coatings for solid oral dosage development. These products are used in the prescription and OTC drug, nutritional supplement and veterinary product markets. As part of a continuous improvement / waste reduction programme, Colorcon has trialled a New Ideas T Card Board. The success of the trial at their Dartford site has prompted them to roll out the scheme at their USA facility.


The New Ideas display boards are located throughout the site to encourage staff to submit their ideas by filling in a card and placing it in the display. New ideas are assessed by the manager of each section within 48 hours, and then logged by the Continuous Improvement Group. These ideas are then placed in ‘in-progress’ boards which are located in prominent positions such as main thoroughfare’s and the staff canteen.


Once an idea is implemented it’s moved to a Celebrate Board where progress is publicised, then entered into a reward scheme for the member of staff submitting the best monthly and annual ideas.


Commenting on the success of the scheme using the T Cards New Ideas Boards, Grant Boultwood, Colorcon Improvement Specialist, says “There have been over 300 ideas submitted, of which nearly 200 have been progressed and so far we have delivered 80 of them. The range of ideas has ensured we address areas to reduce waste, a key objective for our ongoing lean efforts.

Every department in Dartford has contributed to the new ideas scheme and this demonstrates how engaged everyone is and helps ensure that we get a diverse range of ideas”.  


T Cards Direct systems are designed for easy integration into most businesses for virtually any requirement for work flow monitoring and job allocation. Furthermore, the successful adaptation of T Cards Display Boards for Colorcon’s continuous improvement program and new ideas initiative illustrates how a low-cost purchase can bring about significant benefits.