Directhoses are an established company supplying replacement hoses and spares for the Pressure Washing / Car Valeting Industry, having over 30 years of experience within the industry.

Supplying worldwide from their UK base, they offer competitive pricing and solutions to improve usage of pressure washers.

With a fast growing business, Directhoses needed a simple, cost effective method to help co-ordinate and manage the increasing amount of work coming in. The obvious choice was a system that was quick to implement, easy to use, providing information at a glance and something that could grow with this fast paced business.

Mark Nicholls. Managing Director:

“We looked at the T Card System. This was something that was familiar to me as I had used this previously when working at another company. It was great with work flow and a very visual tool. Downside was not enough room on the cards, and they did become a little tatty after a while.


I was looking to find something similar a few months ago, which had been adapted for a computer ideally, rather than going back to the manual card system. We found T Cards Online easily enough on google. Since implementation of the system it has enabled me to organize myself much better since I started using it. It was so easy to set things up and get familiar with the various features like colour coded cards etc, The T Cards can hold a large amount of information which we needed. It’s ideal for us and works well within my company. We will definitely be using this as a growth tool as my business grows enabling better organization.”