Keeping track of work and improving the workflow through Meggitt's factories is critical. Using visual displays to communicate the status of jobs is regarded as vital in the high-technology environment. A Meggitt facility in Coventry was one of the first to invest in the innovative T CARDS ONLINE PLANNING SYSTEM which has subsequently been taken up in other areas of the business, including its American corporate hub in North Hollywood, California.

Meggitt had previously used a manual card-based system in some areas of this business and  were looking to digitise the process, displaying information throughout the factory. The T Cards Online system was introduced in the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) facility  to manage the administration and processing of customer enquiries and orders.

The T Cards Online system displays the status of jobs and allows multiple users in different locations to log-on and access the same information. Every action is logged ensuring accountability for each stage of a task, enabling instant access to the reasons for any job falling behind schedule.

Meggitt Customer Service Co-Ordinator Kathy Kelly commented: “Having the status of all the repair orders displayed in the office and on the shop floor has been a real bonus. It’s easy to update and edit. As co-ordinator and company face to our clients, getting information quicker on the whereabouts of units has made a big difference to the service we provide”.


Following the success of T Card Online within the MRO department, it has been implemented  in Goods Inwards where it helps to ensure that items are allocated with speed and efficiency.   Brett Withington, Quality Manager realised that the system could be easily adapted to manage and communicate status to key personnel. After consulting with T Cards Online about these requirements, a bespoke system was designed and rolled out within days.

 Brett explains: “As a first class engineering business we pride ourselves on quality. This is maintained through quality systems and audits. With many inputs, keeping everyone informed of status is vital. T Cards Online helps us ensure audits are completed on time and to manage any actions required after that more efficiently.”


Operational Excellence Manager, Simon Dixon took the system further. He wanted to utilise it to keep track of the stages of new and reviewed contracts. Whilst this was a relatively simple development and quickly rolled out, it has provided key information across various departments and bridged gaps.

 All interested parties now have access to the information they need, although limited to their specific responsibilities. Simon has since initiated the system to incorporate Customer Returns, Control of Sub-Contractors and the Quality Clinic. The visual nature of the system has helped with the speedy processing and rectification of returns, whilst the Sub-Contractor board ensures that all the work allocated is managed and tracked with efficiency and clarity. 


Simon confirmed, “The big advantage of the T Cards system is that it has made our process far more visible and accountable. Our old process was paper driven and documents tended to get lost and mislaid, so there was a lot of chasing around looking for documents. Now we can see them via the T Cards dashboard instantly.”


Meggitt’s experience in using the T Cards Online system is another example of the benefits of a simple yet highly effective online management tool which helps companies large and small to streamline management processes and improve productivity