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Fully Assembled T Card Systems

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Supplied fully assembled as one unit. All boards come with a heading - this can be printed as standard or to your specification or left blank. Systems come with a starter pack of cards

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  1. 3 Week Size 30 T Card Planner

    3 Week Size 30 T Card Planner


    Size 30 T Card board with moveable Panels - 18 columns plus an index in total!

    Includes 400 T cards

    Size 30 Profile:-

    Download Spec Sheet


  2. As per the Size 70 but with size 120 T Cards

    Maintenance Year Planner (120)

    STMAIN YP120 x40

    The easiest way to organise your Planned and Routine Maintenance Tasks

    Size 120D T Card Profile

    Download Spec Sheet


  3. T Card Board for Project Planning

    Project Planner


    T Card Board to show projects over several weeks / months. Using the Time Tab T cards to highlight tasks that occur on a specific day, a profile of work is quickly planned. The standard board is 50 slots deep. Headings can be altered depending on the number of tasks occurring on one day and timelines.


  4. Bodyshop Booking & Control

    Bodyshop Booking & Control Board 70


    Size 70 Bodyshop Booking & Control T Card Board . Comes with 500 T Cards 


  5. Plant / Inspection Year Planner

    Plant / Inspection Year Planner

    STPIP 50

    Year Planner for plant inspections and calibrations


  6. Maintenance Office Board

    Maintenance Planning System


    Complete Maintenance Control System including 500 T Cards


  7. Service and Parts, Parts Ordering System

    Parts Ordering System


    Complete Parts Ordering System including 500 T Cards


  8. Accountants Progress Board

    Accountants Progress Board


    The easiest way to organise your work load


  9. New Miss Reporting Board

    Near Miss / Incident Reporting System


    The easiest way to manage and document health & safety issues

    Supplied complete with 200 T Cards

  10. H2S Muster Station.
    • Save%4

    Muster Station System with Assembly Point Signs


    Lockable muster station cabinets with Photoluminescent Signs
    Evacuation Management ‘at a glance’
    Ideal for extreme environments
    Comes with:
    2 Muster Station signs
    120 Slot T Card Board
    100 Plastic T Cards 

14 Items

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