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What are T Cards?

T Cards are an ideal tool for keeping track of information and work. They are simple to use and require little or no training. They are a cost effective tool in any environment. 


T Card Colour Swatch


Various T Cards

Strafoplan T Cards

 Click on sizes below to view the dimensions
pdf Size 4 pdf Size 120
pdf Size 3 pdf Size 70
pdf Size 2 pdf Size 50
pdf Size 1 pdf Size 30
pdf Size 4N (Nobo) pdf Size 10
pdf Size 4T (Short) pdf Size 120D (Deep)
pdf Size 4L (Long) pdf Size 70L (Extended 70)
pdfSize 3L (Extended) pdf Size 70 Double Top
pdf Size 1.5 (Special Size 30) pdf Size 10 TT (Time Tabs)
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All T Cards are available as Single or Multi Part; Printed or Plain; Paper, Plastic or Laminated

We manufacture every size of T Card . Plain or printed, numbered or perforated, single or multi-part sets, we offer a no obligation design service through to proof stage.

If you have a special requirement we can help, please call us now! 

The applications are endless from Accountants to Zoo Keepers; Primary Schools to British Nuclear Fuels.